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Automatic single instant noodles packaging line with three inputs accumulators

Bag Noodle Packaging Line

Automatic single instant noodles packaging line with three inputs accumulators

This is instant noodle bag packaging line,gagged instant noodles mainly include the following machines: pillow packaging machines, automatic weighing machines, seasoning packet packaging machines, metal detectors, automatic cartoning machines, and palletizers

    Product Features

    The packaging process of bagged instant noodles is a highly automated process, which mainly includes the following key steps:

    1. Noodle Packaging: After frying or hot air drying, the noodles are transported to a packaging machine, usually a pillow packaging machine, for automatic weighing and packaging. Most packaging materials are composite plastic films, which can effectively isolate air and moisture and extend the shelf life.

    2. Seasoning package preparation: Pack various seasonings (such as seasoning powder, seasoning oil, vegetable bags, etc.) into small bags respectively. These seasoning packages are usually automatically packaged.

    3. Assembly: Assemble the packaged noodles and individual seasoning packages through an automated assembly line to ensure that each instant noodle bag contains all necessary seasonings.

    4. Sealing: The assembled instant noodle bag is sealed by a sealing machine to ensure the integrity of the packaging and the hygienic safety of the product.

    5. Detection and Coding: Conduct quality inspection on packaged instant noodles, such as weight inspection, metal detection, etc., to ensure that the product meets standards. At the same time, the production date, batch number and other information are printed on the packaging through an inkjet printer.

    6. Packing and palletizing: Put the qualified instant noodle bags into cartons, and then use the automatic cartoning machine and palletizing machine for packing and palletizing in preparation for transportation.




    Instant noodle sorting and feeding machine 

    7 Jan 2019

    Mainly suitable for fully automatic high-speed conveying, sorting, feeding and automated packaging of round instant noodles, square instant noodles, one or two pieces, etc.It is mainly suitable for fully automatic high-speed conveying, sorting, feeding and automated packaging of round instant noodles, square instant noodles, one or two pieces and other products. It adopts multi-level speed regulation and servo drive control, which is simple and convenient to operate, has high control accuracy and low energy consumption, and the packaging qualification rate is as high as 99.9%. It can be directly connected to the front-end production line to meet the requirements of large-scale single product and automatic packaging of batch production. Achieve the result of one person getting on board and others being laid off. It can be designed according to the characteristics of the material and can be automatically removed without stopping when the material is congested, stacked or unsuccessfully diverted, ensuring 24-hour continuous production without stopping the machine.

    Automatic pillow packaging machine



    High efficiency: The pillow-type instant noodle packaging machine can achieve high-speed continuous packaging and meet the needs of mass production.

    Automation: From feeding, sealing to cutting, the entire packaging process is highly automated, reducing manual operations and improving production efficiency.

    Accurate measurement: Equipped with an accurate weighing system to ensure that the weight of each bag of instant noodles meets the standard.

    Multifunctional: It can adapt to instant noodle packaging of different specifications and shapes, which can be achieved by adjusting the machine parameters.

    Good sealing: Use advanced heat sealing technology to ensure the sealing of the packaging and extend the shelf life of the product.

    Easy to operate: Equipped with a touch screen operation interface, operators can easily set parameters and monitor the production process.

    Energy saving and environmental protection: Adopt energy-saving design to reduce energy consumption, and the packaging material is usually recyclable composite film.


    In addition to the instant noodle industry, pillow packaging machines can also be used in the following industries:

    The mechanical design is economical, debugging is simple, and productivity is improved.

    Food industry: such as candy, chocolate, biscuits, bread, frozen food, ready-to-eat rice, etc.

    Pharmaceutical industry: such as tablets, capsules, medical devices, medical supplies, etc.

    Daily chemical industry: such as soap, shampoo, cosmetics, sanitary napkins, etc.

    Industrial products: such as hardware, electronic components, small mechanical parts, etc.

    Agricultural products: such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.



    Multi-bag instant noodles accumulator

    7 Jan 2019

    Instant noodle accumulator, also known as instant noodle collector or instant noodle stacker, is an auxiliary equipment in the instant noodle production line. It is mainly used to transport packaged instant noodles from the packaging machine to the next process, such as boxing or palletizing. Its main function is to collect and organize packaged instant noodles to ensure that they are stacked in a certain order and direction to facilitate subsequent automated processing.

    Working principle

    Instant noodle collectors usually include the following parts:

    1. Conveyor belt: Transport the packaged instant noodles from the packaging machine to the accumulator.

    2. Stacking Platform: Used for temporary storage and stacking of instant noodles, and can usually be adjusted to accommodate packages of different sizes.

    3. Control system: used to control the operation of the accumulator, including the speed of the conveyor belt, the lifting and lowering of the stacking platform, etc. between.


    Instant noodle accumulator is mainly used in the back section of the instant noodle production line and is used in conjunction with equipment such as packaging machines, cartoning machines or palletizers for instant noodles. It ensures the continuity


    Instant noodle palletizer is an automated equipment used to stack packaged instant noodles into pallets according to certain rules and order for easy storage and transportation. The palletizer plays an important role at the end of the instant noodle production line. It can greatly improve the palletizing efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure the stability and safety of the product.

    Working principle

    The working principle of instant noodle palletizer usually includes the following steps:

    1. Conveying: The packaged instant noodles are transported from the packaging machine or other equipment to the working area of the palletizer through the conveyor belt.

    2. Positioning: Instant noodles are positioned during the conveying process to ensure that they enter the palletizing area in the correct direction and position.

    3. Stacking: The palletizer uses mechanical arms, suction cups or other grabbing devices to stack instant noodles layer by layer according to the preset program to form a neat stack.

    4. Control system: The palletizer is equipped with a control system that can program different palletizing modes to adapt to different specifications and quantities of instant noodles.

    5. Output: The stacked instant noodles are output through conveyor belts or other methods, ready for the next step of storage or loading and transportation.


    1. High efficiency: The palletizer can complete palletizing operations quickly and continuously, greatly improving production efficiency.

    2. Save manpower: Automated operations reduce the need for manual palletizing, reducing labor intensity and labor costs.

    3. High accuracy: The palletizer can accurately control the stacking position and order of instant noodles to ensure the stability of the stacking.

    4. Flexibility: It can adapt to instant noodle packaging of different sizes and weights by adjusting parameters.

    5. Safety: Reduces safety hazards in manual operations and improves production safety.


    Instant noodle palletizer is mainly used at the end of the instant noodle production line and is used in conjunction with packaging machines, accumulators, conveyor belts and other equipment. It ensures the continuity and automation of instant noodles on the production line, improving production efficiency and product quality.

    Instant noodle palletizer is one of the indispensable equipment in modern instant noodle production line. Its high efficiency and good palletizing effect make it widely used in instant noodle production. With the continuous advancement and innovation of technology, the performance and intelligence level of palletizers are also constantly improving, bringing more convenience and benefits to the food processing industry.

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