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Automatic spices sachet packaging machine

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Automatic spices sachet packaging machine

The spice seasoning sachet packaging machine is used for packing spice of instant noodles into sachet,can be used in conjunction with the instant noodle production line.

    product description

    The instant noodle seasoning packaging machine is a granular packaging machine specially developed by our company for instant noodle seasoning packages. This machine can package some powder-type materials such as seasoning powder packaging.

    The instant noodle condiment packaging machine produced by our company uses the form of a measuring cup to measure materials. It can be based on different user needs. For example, if a pack is 10G, set the capacity of the measuring cup to 10G for one batch. When cutting 20G of material, set up a 20G measuring cup. It can be completely customized and developed according to the needs of users. At the same time, our company will provide customers with several sets of standard measuring cups for replacement before leaving the factory.

    This machine can package instant noodles seasoning packets and condiment packets in small packages, and can also be used for packaging other powder materials. The packaging bag type is a three-side sealing form. If you want to package other sealing types, a customized bag maker can be provided.

    Product Features

    This machine can finish filling, metering, bag-making, sealing, cutting, pressing, lot number.

    Touch screen display, can custom your language.

    Seal heating control system have two separately.

    Replace measuring head suitable for liquid and paste.

    Steady machine, easy to operate.

    Product Features

    Measurement Methods



    Edge seal

    Dose Range


    Bag Size

    Length: 20~150mm  Width: 15~110mm

    Packing Speed


    Control System

    PLC control system


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