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Instant noodles equipment manufacturer-Shanghai Poemy Machinery


Instant noodles equipment manufacturer-Shanghai Poemy Machinery

2024-05-20 15:58:05

Company Profile

Shanghai Poemy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of instant noodles machinery. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "innovation, quality and service" and is committed to high-quality and efficient food machinery solutions. Our main products include instant noodle production machines and instant noodle packaging machines, which have been widely recognized and praised in the market.Instant noodles equipment manufacturer-Shanghai Poemy Machinery (1)xpx

Market Background and Demand Analysis

 1. Overview of the global instant noodles market

Instant noodles are fast, convenient and economical foods that are widely loved by consumers around the world. According to market research data, the global instant noodles market continues to grow, especially in Asia, where the demand for instant noodles shows a steady growth trend. The demand for instant noodles is mainly driven by the following factors:

Urbanization accelerator: With the acceleration of global urbanization, fast-paced urban life has increased the demand for food.

Revolutionary Change: Modern consumers pursue a convenient lifestyle, and the increase in instant noodles as ready-to-eat food meets this demand.

Human Resources Growth: Provide customers with high-quality products and services, meet the needs of users in Asia, grow rapidly, and facilitate the strong market demand.

Choose your flavor: Instant noodle manufacturers continue to launch new flavors and new products, and recognize consumers who buy with different flavors.

 2. Demand for instant noodle production and packaging

As users pay more attention to it, enterprises also begin to seek help from it. The main needs include:

Efficient production: Production efficiency directly affects a country’s market competitiveness, and our production equipment can significantly increase production capacity.

Quality control: The quality of instant noodles is the key to winning the market and consumers. High-quality production equipment can ensure the consistency and stability of the products.

Engineering Products: Multifunctional production equipment can support enterprises to develop a variety of flavors and instant noodle products to meet diverse needs.

Automation level: With the increase in labor costs and the advancement of manufacturing, more automated production equipment can reduce manual intervention and improve production efficiency and quality.

Product Introduction

1. Instant noodles production machine

Instant noodles are one of the most commonly used equipment in the manufacturing process. The characteristics of our company's instant noodles are as follows:

Efficiency: Our equipment adopts advanced production technology, which can achieve high-efficiency production and greatly increase production capacity.

Quality Assurance: The equipment uses high-quality materials and precision manufacturing technology to ensure that the products produced are of stable quality and consistent taste.

Operational functions: The equipment is humanized in design, easy to operate and maintain, and has low difficulty in operation and maintenance in the market.

Versatility: The equipment can produce instant noodles in various forms and flavors to meet the needs of different markets and consumers.

2. Instant noodles packaging machine

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Noodle packaging machine is a machine that packs products well, has good packaging effect, and integrates the company's business philosophy into the packaging process.

High speed : The packaging speed is fast, which can meet the needs of large-scale production and improve production efficiency.

Intelligent control :The equipment is equipped with an advanced intelligent control system, which can achieve precise packaging control and ensure the consistency of each package.

Home page packaging :The equipment supports a variety of packaging forms, including bags, cups, bowls, etc., to meet the needs of different markets and consumers.

High reliability : The equipment has a solid structure, strong durability, stable operation, and low failure rate and downtime.

Our advantages

 1. Technology leadership

Jennifer: We have a strong R&D team that continuously conducts technological innovation and product development to ensure that our equipment is always at the leading level in the industry.

Patented technology: We have a number of independently developed patented technologies, which play an important role in improving production efficiency and product quality.

Advanced technology: Our equipment adopts advanced manufacturing process technology to ensure high quality and high performance of our products.

2. Quality Assurance

Tight quality control: We have established a SEO quality control system, and conduct SEO quality inspection and control in every link from raw material procurement to manufacturing to ensure the high quality of products.

International Certification: Our products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and CE certification, in line with international standards and with reliable quality.

Client feedback: We value customer feedback, continuously improve product quality and performance, and win the trust and praise of our customers.

 3. Service system

Pre-sale service: We provide comprehensive pre-sales services, including technical consultation, solution design, equipment selection, etc., to ensure that customers choose the most suitable products.

After-sales service: During the equipment delivery, installation and commissioning process, we provide full technical support and training to ensure that the equipment can be put into use smoothly.

Persist in: We have established a complete after-sales service system to ensure service quality.

 4. Cost advantage

High cost performance: Our products ensure high quality while having lower costs, making insurance a more competitive choice.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Our equipment adopts energy-saving and environmentally friendly technology, which not only reduces production costs, but also meets environmental protection requirements and reduces the impact of beverages on the environment.

Affordable: We focus on cost control during the production process to ensure that our products have price advantages in the market.

 5. Customer Cases

We have many successful cases all over the world, including well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers. The successful application of these companies proves the high quality and reliability of our products.

Reasons for recommendation

1. Meet the needs of efficient production

Our company focuses on the production and packaging machines, which can improve production efficiency and meet the needs of large-scale production. Our production equipment not only improves production capacity, but also reduces production costs and enhances the market competitiveness of enterprises.

2. Ensure product quality

The equipment uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology to ensure the instant noodles are of stable quality and consistent taste. ETSI quality control system incentive certification further guarantees the high quality of the products.

3. Support flexible products

The versatility of the equipment enables the company to produce more flexible and convenient noodle products to meet the needs of beginners. The packaging form for beginners further enhances the market competitiveness of the product.

4. Provide comprehensive services

We provide a full range of services from after-sales to after-sales, ensuring that you can get professional technical support and services during equipment commissioning and daily maintenance. A complete after-sales service system ensures the long-term stability of the equipment.

5. Have extensive experience

We have rich experience in the production process and packaging machine field, and many successful cases have proved the high quality and reliability of our products. Our equipment has been widely recognized and praised both at home and abroad.

Customer Success Case Analysis

Case 1: A well-known domestic enterprise-Uni-President Group

The company is a well-known instant noodle manufacturer in China, with an annual output of hundreds of millions of packs. Due to the rapid growth of market demand, the company decided to introduce its own production and packaging equipment to improve production capacity and product quality. After many investigations, the company chose the company's instant noodle production machines and packaging machines.

Equipment use effect:

Increase productivity : After the new equipment was put into use, production efficiency increased by 30%, production capacity increased significantly, and met market demand.
Stable performance : The equipment is of high quality, production is convenient, quality is stable, and taste is excellent, which has won praise from consumers.
operator : Equipment operation failure, maintenance convenience, client operation and maintenance costs.

This company we highly value for our global service and plans to continue to cooperate with us in future production expansion.

Case 2: A large instant noodle manufacturer in Africa-Chikki
The company is a well-known instant noodle manufacturer in Africa,Faced with the rapid growth of instant noodles market demand, In order to improve its market competitiveness, the company decided to introduce advanced production and packaging equipment. After competition among many suppliers, the company finally chose our company's equipment.

Equipment use effect:

Foreign exchange product production: The versatility of the equipment enables companies to produce instant noodles in a variety of forms and flavors to meet the needs of different markets.
Package style: The equipment supports multiple packaging forms, improving the market competitiveness of the product.
Energy saving and environmental protection :The equipment adopts energy-saving and environmental protection technology, with lower production costs and meets environmental protection requirements.

The company expressed satisfaction with our website and services and plans to continue to increase its cooperation with us in the next step.

Future Development Plan

1. Technological innovation

We will continue to increase our R&D efforts, continuously carry out technological innovation, and improve the automation and intelligence level of our equipment. By introducing advanced technologies, we will improve production efficiency and product quality and further enhance our market competitiveness.

2. International market expansion

On the basis of consolidating the domestic market, we actively explore

Increase brand awareness and influence by participating in exhibitions and establishing overseas sales and service networks.

3. Environmental protection and sustainable development

We actively respond to environmental protection requirements, develop and promote energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment, and promote sustainable development. By introducing environmental protection technologies, we reduce the impact of the production process on the environment and enhance the company's sense of social responsibility.

4. Improve customer service

We will further improve our customer service level and after-sales service system, provide after-sales service, ensure the smooth progress of after-sales service, and improve after-sales service satisfaction and customer satisfaction.


Shanghai POEMY Machinery Co., Ltd. has rich experience and advantages in the field of production machinery and packaging machines. With our production equipment, strict quality control, and perfect logistics system, we have established comprehensive solutions to help customers improve production efficiency and product quality. Through continuous technological innovation and market expansion, we will continue to lead the market development of production and packaging equipment and become a trusted partner of our customers.

We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers from around the world to develop together and create a better future.

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