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How To Producing Instant Noodles Step By Step


How To Producing Instant Noodles Step By Step

2024-05-20 11:37:03

The complete production process of bagged instant noodles is a highly automated industrial process involving multiple key steps and necessary machinery and equipment. Here is an overview of a typical bagged instant noodle production process and the machines it requires:


1. Raw material preparation

Flour Mixer: Used to mix flour, water, salt and other raw materials to form dough.

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2. Noodle making

Dough mixer: further knead the mixed ingredients into dough.

Calender: Pass the dough through multiple calenders to make it smooth and elastic.

Slitter: Cut the rolled dough into long and thin noodles.

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3. Steaming and shaping

Steamer: Steam the noodles to partially cook them.

Cooling Conveyor: The cooked noodles are quickly cooled down by the cooling device to maintain their shape.

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4. Drying

Frying Machine: Fry the noodles so that they are completely cooked and dehydrated, forming a unique crispiness.

Hot Air Dryer: Another drying method that uses hot air to dry the noodles to the desired moisture content.

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5. Packaging

Pillow packaging machine: Automatically weigh and package the dried instant noodles.

Seasoning bag packaging machine: Pack various seasonings (such as seasoning powder, seasoning oil, vegetable bags, etc.) into small bags respectively.

Seasoning sachet dispensor:Assemble the packaged noodles and individual seasoning packages through an automated assembly line.

Sealing machine: The assembled instant noodle bag is sealed by the sealing machine.

video of bag instant noodles packaging line 


6. Detection and coding

Metal detector: detects whether the product contains metal foreign matter.

Inkjet printer: Print production date, batch number, bar code and other information on the packaged instant noodles.


7. Packing and palletizing

Automatic cartoning machine: Automatically pack qualified instant noodle bags into cartons.

Stacking machine: automatically stacks cartons containing instant noodles into pallets for easy storage and transportation.

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These machines and equipment constitute a complete automated production line, ensuring high efficiency and high quality in the production of bagged instant noodles. In modern instant noodle production plants, these equipment are usually connected and coordinated with each other to form an efficient production system.

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