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Instant Noodle Making Line

Instant Noodle Making Line


Full auto instant noodle making processing frying machine line


Working process:Mixer → Compound → Continuous Pressing → Steaming → Frying → Cooling

① Using Flour Mixer to mix salt, water, flour and other formulas evenly.

② Dough dropped into the Compound Pressing Machine to produce dough sheet and make it more flat and solid.

③ Passing the dough sheet to Continuous Pressing Roller to press from thick to thin.

④ The final roller with slicer to cut the dough sheet to become noodle strips and make waving.

⑤ Waving noodles are steamed to finalize the noodle shape.

⑥ Then, cutting and folding the noodle to become noodle cake and delivering to Fryer Machine.

⑦ After frying, delivering the noodle cakes to Cooling Machine and can be packed.

⑧ Roller: Each roller has independent motor, and using inverter to control speed.

⑨ Steamer: Using exhaust hoods to reduce steam leakage.

⑩ Fryer Machine: Oil removing windmill to reduce oil content of noodle cakes.

⑪ Cooling Machine: Using hot fan to cool down the temperature of noodle cakes which after frying.

⑫ All product contact surface area is stainless steel or food grade material.

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