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Full auto high speed flow packer

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Full auto high speed flow packer

Flow Packer, also known as a flow wrapping machine or pillow packaging machine, is a highly efficient packaging machine designed for wrapping products in a continuous, horizontal motion. This type of machine is widely used in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods, due to its ability to package products quickly and securely.


    Food Packaging: Ideal for packaging snacks, bakery products, frozen foods, and more, ensuring freshness and quality.

    Pharmaceuticals: Provides secure packaging for medicines and healthcare products, maintaining safety and integrity.

    Consumer Goods: Efficiently packages electronics, cosmetics, household items, and more, ensuring protection and presentation.

    How It Works

    Product Feeding:
    Products are fed into the machine either manually or through an automated conveyor system, ensuring a continuous flow into the packaging process.

    Film Wrapping:
    The machine draws packaging film from a roll and wraps it around the product as it moves through the machine. The film is precisely cut to the required length, ensuring minimal waste.

    Sealing and Cutting:
    The film is sealed along the length of the product using heat or ultrasonic sealing, creating a tight and secure enclosure. The sealed film is then cut to separate individual packages.

    Product Discharge:
    The packaged products are discharged from the machine onto a conveyor or collection area, ready for further processing, inspection, or distribution.

    Pillow Packer can be compatible with which machines

    1.Cartoning Machines
    Automatic Cartoners: For placing wrapped products into cartons for retail or shipping.
    Case Packers: For packing cartons or wrapped products into larger cases for bulk distribution.

    2.Sealing and Shrink Wrapping Machines
    Heat Sealers: To further seal the packaging film, if needed.
    Shrink Wrappers: To apply a tight layer of shrink film around the wrapped products for added protection.

    3.Palletizing Systems
    Robotic Palletizers: For stacking packaged products onto pallets for storage or shipping.
    Automatic Pallet Wrappers: For securing products on pallets with stretch film.

    4.Tray Loaders and Blister Packing Machines
    Tray Loaders: For placing wrapped products into trays for display or transportation.
    Blister Packing Machines: For integrating flow-wrapped products into blister packs for retail display.

    5.Bagging Machines
    Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Machines: For integrating pillow-packed products into larger bags or pouches.

    By integrating these machines and equipment with a Pillow Packer, manufacturers can create a comprehensive and highly efficient packaging line that meets the specific needs of their products and industry requirements.


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