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China supplier CE ISO standards automatic metal detector

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China supplier CE ISO standards automatic metal detector

Fully-automatic metal detector for food industry is the optimal solution for product inspection. This mono-frequency metal detection system, supplied with tunnel and conveyor belt, contributes to assuring product quality, free from metallic contamination.

    Product Features

    1. It has the function of automatically identifying product characteristics, 100 product information storage functions, automatic phase tracking function, and signal processing is automatically calculated by the digital chip, which can quickly and automatically learn to obtain the best detection phase.

    2. Using advanced digital signal processing technology, it has the function of automatic learning of product effects. Products containing sugar, salt, and meat will produce metal-like signals to the metal detector. This effect will affect the detection effect. This function reduces the product effect. , to achieve the best results.

    3. Digital sensitivity control mode and a variety of manual setting functions; a variety of specifications are available to adapt to different material detection sensitivity requirements.

    4. Designed using European and American safety standards, the whole machine design meets the requirements of food machinery and is suitable for connection to assembly line inspection operations.

    5. The whole machine frame is made of 304 stainless steel laser cutting and welding technology and wire drawing process.

    6. The belt adopts food-grade PU belt, which has passed FDA food- grade certification, which greatly improves the belt's resistance to pollution and dirt.

    7. The probe of the metal detector is filled with epoxy resin to ensure the stability and service life of the equipment.

    Product Features


    Digital metal detector



    Detection sensitivity:

    When the machine is empty:    Fe≥φ1.0mm, Non Fe≥φ1.5mm,


    Effective detection hole width:


    Effective detection hole height:


    Conveying capacity:


    Conveyor belt maximum speed:


    Transmission direction:

    Left to right (facing the screen)

    Conveyor belt height

    750±50mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

    Alarm mode

    Alarm shutdown, buzzer alarm or rejection mechanism are optional and the cost will be charged separately.

    Conveyor belt material:

    Food grade PU belt

    Protection level


    Display and operation mode

    LED LCD flat button input

    Power requirements

    AC220V 50-60Hz

    Main material:

    All stainless steel (SUS304)


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