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Automatic cup instant noodle packaging line

Cup Noodle Packaging Line

Automatic cup instant noodle packaging line

This process includes:automatic hot shrinking wrapping machine, accumulator for instant noodles, case packer, palletizer. Which achieve full automatic instant noodles processing and packaging.

    Product Features

    Fully automatic bowl noodle case packer or case packing machine is an all-in-one noodle packaging machine that accomplish products sorting, counting, accumulating, and complete carton forming processes. The fully automatic case wrapper is highly efficient for packing mass quantities of instant noodles.

    The barrel noodle fully automatic cartoning machine is a fully automatic packaging production line specially developed for instant noodles in barrels, bowls, cups and other products. It mainly consists of a pillow type heat shrinkable film packaging machine, an accumulator, a cartoning machine body and Conveyor belt combination.

    This equipment can realize fully automatic heat shrink packaging of barrel noodles and other products, as well as lane separation, forward and reverse flipping, stacking and stacking sorting, transportation and product wrapping and packaging box sealing functions. It mainly includes four parts: multi-channel sorting conveyor, heat shrinkable film packaging machine, accumulator and automatic cartoning machine. This model is also compatible with different packaging forms on the first and second floors to meet the compatibility needs of customers. The maximum cumulative production speed of a single port can reach 180 barrels/min, and the main machine production speed can reach 30 boxes/min.




    Automatic palletizer for instant noodles 

    7 Jan 2019

    Automatic palletizers are an important part of the instant noodles packaging and distribution process. The machines are designed to efficiently stack and sort instant noodle packages onto pallets, streamlining the production and shipping process. As global demand for instant noodles continues to grow, the need for automated palletizing solutions has become more important than ever.

    Automatic instant noodle palletizers bring many benefits to manufacturers and distributors. First, it significantly reduces the need for manual labor, thereby reducing production costs and minimizing the risk of workplace injuries. Palletizing automation also ensures consistent and precise stacking of noodle packages, improving overall product quality and appearance.

    In addition, automatic palletizers increase the efficiency of packaging lines by increasing the speed of palletizing operations. This results in higher yields and faster turnaround times, ultimately meeting growing consumer demand for instant noodles. Additionally, these machines are equipped with advanced technology to customize pallet patterns to suit various packaging sizes and configurations.

    Integrating automatic palletizers into instant noodle production facilities also helps make the warehouse and distribution process more organized and streamlined. By neatly stacking and securing instant noodle pallets, these machines allow for easier and safer transportation and storage, reducing the risk of product damage during transportation.

    When it comes to sustainability, automated palletizers can enable greener operations by optimizing pallet loads, reducing material waste and minimizing the overall carbon footprint of the packaging and distribution process.

     Overall, installing automatic instant noodle palletizers is a strategic investment for manufacturers and distributors looking to increase production efficiency, reduce operating costs and meet the growing demand for this popular convenience food. As the instant noodles market continues to expand globally, automated palletizing solutions will become increasingly important to ensure a smooth and efficient supply chain for this staple product.

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