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Automatic cup instant noodle machine

Cup Noodle Packaging Line

Automatic cup instant noodle machine

Instant noodle production and packaging line refers to an automated production line used to produce instant noodles and package them into final sales form. This production line usually includes multiple consecutive processes, from making noodles, steaming, frying or hot air drying, to adding seasonings, preparing packaging materials, and finally to automatic packaging. The entire process is designed to efficiently and hygienically produce instant noodle products that meet food safety standards.

    Product Features

    The instant noodle production line has the following characteristics:

    1. High degree of automation: Modern instant noodle production lines use advanced automation equipment and technology. From noodle production to final packaging, most processes can be automated, reducing manual intervention and improving production efficiency.

    2. Continuous production: The production line is designed for continuous operation, and each process is closely connected to ensure the continuous flow of products from raw materials to finished products, reducing pauses and waiting times during the production process.

    3. Hygiene and safety: When designing and operating the instant noodle production line, we strictly abide by food safety and hygiene standards, use stainless steel and other easy-to-clean materials, and use closed or semi-closed production environments to reduce the risk of contamination.

    4. Flexibility: Production lines usually have a certain degree of flexibility and can adapt to the production needs of instant noodles of different specifications and flavors. By adjusting equipment parameters or replacing some components, diversified products can be produced.

    5. Quality inspection: The production line is equipped with various online inspection equipment, such as metal detectors, weight detectors, etc., to ensure that the quality of the products during the production process meets standards.

    6. Information management: By integrating the information management system, the instant noodle production line can realize real-time monitoring and analysis of production data, helping enterprises with production scheduling, inventory management and quality traceability.

    7. Cost-effectiveness: By optimizing the production process and improving equipment utilization, the instant noodle production line can achieve higher cost-effectiveness and reduce the production cost per unit product.


    Full automatic shrinking wrapping machine

    Full automatic shrinking wrapping machine (1)ev4

    Heat shrink packaging machine is a piece of equipment specially used for heat shrink packaging of products. The following is a detailed introduction to this machine:

    1. Working principle:

     Feeding: Place the cup instant noodles to be packaged on the conveyor belt.

      Coating: The heat shrinkable film packaging machine automatically covers the outside of the cup of instant noodles with heat shrinkable film.

     Heat shrinkage: Using a heating device (usually a hot air furnace or infrared heater), the heat shrinkable film shrinks and adheres closely to the surface of the product to form a tight package.

    2. Main components:

    Conveyor system: including conveyor belts and guide rails, used to convey products to be packaged.

    Laminating device: automatically covers heat shrinkable film.

    Heating device: heats and shrinks the packaging film.

    Cooling device (optional): quickly cool and shape the shrink packaging.

    Application industries and applicable packaging

    Heat shrinkable film packaging machines are widely used and suitable for packaging in many industries and various products:

    1. Food industry:
    Instant noodles: including cup instant noodles and bagged instant noodles.
    Beverages: such as bottled water, beverage cans.
    Other foods: such as snacks, candies, biscuits, etc.

    2. Pharmaceutical industry:
    Medicines: including medicine boxes, medicine bottles, etc.
    Medical devices: such as syringes, medical dressings.

    3. Daily chemical industry:
    Cosmetics: such as cosmetic boxes and skin care product bottles.
    Cleaning supplies: such as detergent bottles, soap dishes.

    4. Electronics industry:
    Electronic products: such as mobile phone boxes and electronic accessories.
    Small appliances: such as electric toothbrushes and razors.

    5. Stationery and daily necessities:
    Stationery: such as pencil cases and notebooks.
    Daily necessities: such as plastic containers, household gadgets.

    As an efficient and practical packaging equipment, heat shrinkable film packaging machine is widely used in various industries, providing beautiful and tight packaging for products, improving product protection and market competitiveness.

    Automatic palletizer for instant noodles 

    Full automatic shrinking wrapping machine (2)2mb

    Instant noodle palletizer is an automated equipment used to stack cartons or plastic boxes containing instant noodles into stacks according to a certain level and arrangement for easy storage and transportation. This kind of machine can improve the efficiency of palletizing operations, reduce manual labor intensity, and ensure the stability and safety of stacking.

    The workflow of the instant noodle palletizer usually includes the following steps:

    1. Carton conveying: Cartons containing instant noodles are conveyed from the cartoning machine or conveyor belt to the working area of ​​the palletizer.

    2. Carton arrangement: The palletizer automatically arranges the cartons in a predetermined arrangement (such as single row, double row or multiple rows) in preparation for stacking.

    3. Stacking: The palletizer uses mechanical arms, suction cups or other clamps to stack cartons one on top to form a stable stack.

    4. Stack shape adjustment: During the stacking process, the palletizer may adjust the stack shape to ensure the flatness of each layer of cartons and the overall stability of the stack.

    5. Output: The completed pallets are sent out by the conveyor belt, ready for the next step of bundling, wrapping or direct loading and transportation.

    Features of instant noodle palletizer:

    - High efficiency: It can complete palletizing operations quickly and continuously, improving production efficiency.

    - Automation: Reduce manual operations, reduce labor costs, and improve the automation level of the production line.

    - Accuracy: Ability to precisely control the stacking position and stacking shape of cartons to ensure palletizing quality.

    - Flexibility: It can be adjusted according to cartons of different specifications and packaging requirements, and has strong adaptability.

    - Reliability: Using high-quality materials and components to ensure stable operation and long life of the equipment.

    Application industries:

    Instant noodle palletizers are mainly used in the food processing industry, especially in the field of instant noodle production. As the demand for instant food increases, instant noodle manufacturers require efficient and automated palletizing solutions to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. In addition to instant noodles, similar palletizers can also be used for palletizing other packaged foods, such as cans, beverages, snacks, etc. With the continuous advancement of automation technology, instant noodle palletizers are constantly undergoing technological upgrades and functional expansion to meet more diverse production needs.

    Automatic cartoning machine 

    Full automatic shrinking wrapping machine (1)iqi

    Cup noodle cartoning machine is a mechanical equipment specially used to automatically pack cup instant noodles (commonly known as cup noodles or bowl noodles) from the end of the production line. This machine efficiently packs individual cup noodle products into cartons or plastic boxes in a set arrangement for easy storage, transportation and sales.

    The workflow of the cup noodle cartoning machine usually includes the following steps:

    1. Product arrangement: The cup noodles are transported from the production line conveyor belt to the working area of ​​the cartoning machine. The machine will automatically arrange the cup noodles in a predetermined arrangement (such as single row, double row or multiple rows).

    2. Carton forming: At the same time, the blank carton or plastic box is fed into the cartoning machine from the conveyor belt on the other side. The machine will automatically unfold and shape the carton, ready to receive cup noodle products.

    3. Packing: The arranged cup noodles are automatically fed into the formed carton. The cartoning machine is usually equipped with a mechanical arm or push rod to accurately place the cup noodles into the carton.

    4. Sealing: Cartons filled with cup noodles are then automatically sealed, which may include folding the lid of the carton, applying tape, or using hot melt glue to secure the carton.

    5. Output: The packed and sealed cartons are sent out by the conveyor belt, ready for the next step of stacking, palletizing or direct loading and transportation.

    Application industries:

    Cup noodle cartoning machines are mainly used in the food processing industry, especially in the production of instant noodles. With the popularization of fast food culture and the increase in demand for convenience food, the market demand for cup noodles as a convenient ready-to-eat food continues to grow. Therefore, cup noodles cartoning machines play an important role in instant noodle production companies. In addition to instant noodles, similar cartoning machines can also be used to pack other cup or bowl foods, such as cup soups, cup desserts, etc. With the continuous advancement of automation technology, cup noodle cartoning machines are constantly undergoing technological upgrades and functional expansion to meet more diversified production needs.

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