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Automatic bucket instant noodle packaging line

Bucket Noodle Packaging Line

Automatic bucket instant noodle packaging line

This is a barreled instant noodle packaging line, including heat shrinkable film packaging machine, cartoning machine and palletizer. It can be connected to the front-end fully automatic instant noodle processing production line or used alone.

    Product Features

    The barrel noodle fully automatic cartoning machine is a fully automatic packaging production line specially developed for instant noodles in barrels, bowls, cups and other products. It mainly consists of a pillow type heat shrinkable film packaging machine, an accumulator, a cartoning machine body and Conveyor belt combination.
    This equipment can realize fully automatic heat shrink packaging of barrel noodles and other products, as well as lane separation, forward and reverse flipping, stacking and stacking sorting, transportation and product wrapping and packaging box sealing functions. It mainly includes four parts: multi-channel sorting conveyor, heat shrinkable film packaging machine, accumulator and automatic cartoning machine. This model is also compatible with different packaging forms on the first and second floors to meet the compatibility needs of customers. The maximum cumulative production speed of a single port can reach 180 barrels/min, and the main machine production speed can reach 30 boxes/min.



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